Welcome to Pickett's Colorado Christmas, my name is Kevin Pickett. My wife, Linda, and I have been decorating our house in Colorado Springs for the holidays forever it seems, mostly just a few static displays and Christmas lights on the roof.

In 2000 we started going bigger, and each year we kept adding to the display. By 2003 we had 12,000 plus lights in our Christmas display. Controlled via computer and timers. In 2005 there was a total 51,874 lights controlled by 96 channels via a computer, as well as several timers for the static display. All synced to music which we broadcast over our own low-power FM radio station. In 2006 we doubled the amount of lights to over 100,000, and the display saw the addition of Santa's Drive-In - A large projection screen to sync the music videos or short film clips and computer animations with the music.

Over the past few years the display has been scaled back a bit and now consist of about 50,000 to 75,000 lights each year. The display consist of store bought displays, hand made displays and lots of lights all controlled with a combination of DMX and verious other controllers. With even more Christmas lights and decorations in boxes with no room to put them out in the yard. My how things change over the years. Each season we try to add new items to the display and change the look so it will be different each year. In 2012 we made a major investment in RGB Pixel lights and controllers. This will enable us to have more control over each individual light as opposed to just controlling the entire string.

We hope everyone who visits our little display enjoy it as much as we enjoy doing it. We Hope to see you this season and again next year. Thank you for all your kind words and support.